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We are your job portal for brochure distribution, newspaper delivery and the delivery of various printed papers and advertising material. We offer attractive jobs in your region, suitable for school and university students, adults and old age pensioners.


Be a brochure distributor in your residential area:

Be a brochure distributor in your residential area:

School students / university students
from 13 years

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Old age pensioners

We have diverse job opportunities for school students, university students, housewives and –husbands, old age pensioners, and anyone who wants to earn a bit of extra money. Whether it’s school student jobs, side jobs or holiday jobs – we have what’s suitable locally.

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Welcome to the Armin Diehl GmbH Direktwerbung, the market leader for brochure distribution in the metropole region Nuremberg-Fürth-Erlangen in Middle Franconia for over 20 years. 

Discover free jobs all over Germany in the field of minor employment (side job, mini-job, midi-job) over our platform prospektverteiler.de.

prospektverteiler.de is where companies look for employees to distribute brochures, free newspapers, community newspapers, daily newspapers and ad specials such as for example test samples, door hangers and beer mats.

The platform – prospektverteiler.de

prospektverteiler.de – Your job platform: are you a school student or university student and want to give your pocket money or studies a financial boost? A job distributing brochures is the ideal opportunity to successfully align with school and studies, and improve the monthly budget.

But we also heartily welcome the elderly and parents who want to top up their pension or their monthly budget.

prospektverteiler.de offers you a clever side job in your own home area for anyone who wants to earn a bit extra. Register with us and join our team!

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The applicant portal www.prospektverteiler.de connects employers from brochure delivery, brochure distribution and newspaper delivery with interested applicants.


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