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Together with the delivery company, you clarify at which place (garage, carport etc.) the brochures are to be delivered to. It is a very good idea to choose a place that is protected (rain, snow…). You do not have to be present at the delivery. The respective company will inform you of the day of the delivery.

After you have applied via  online-form we will confirm your application by email.

The company which is responsible for you will directly contact you within a week should there be a vacancy.

A termination must always ensue in writing to the company responsible for you. The period of notice is stated in your contract.

If there is a dog on the property and the letterbox is not put up outside, you should not enter the property. Note down the address and talk to the delivery company, so that a solution can be found here.

In case of illness, the delivery company is to be informed at once.

Pay depends on many things – among other things on the size of the distribution area and the calculated duration of the delivery. The company responsible for you can give you concrete information on your pay. So – first apply and then all information is yours.

If development areas are under construction in your distribution area, inform your contact partner about it, so that the amount of brochures can be respectively increased.

As a rule, the brochures are collected in a set and you do not have to put them together.

So that nothing happens to you on the way, make sure to always dress according to the weather.

See our fact sheet

You mainly need the following documents for your employment:

Copy of the identity card, tax identification number, social security ID, work permit and work permission for non-EU citizens, agreement of parents/legal guardians for under 18s and the account details.

You should discuss your planned holiday at least 4 weeks beforehand with the delivery company responsible for you.

The mini-job head office of the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Knappschaft-Bahn-See is responsible for the contributions and registrations of part-time employees. The employer’s liability insurance association of the respective company provides the occupational accident insurance.

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